Investing in You So You Can Invest in Others.

At TKC, our team is the backbone of what we do. From our on-the-ground brokers, to our back office team, to our families at home, we know that to invest in the markets we serve, we must first invest in our team.

While we outwardly celebrate the success of deals closed, markets entered, and YoY growth, internally we measure success by the homes purchased, degrees obtained, goals achieved, and families started.

So if you're interested in joining a relationship-focused, competitive environment that allows you to invest in your future, join the TKC family.

  • Environment Dedicated to Your Growth
    If your idea of fun is closing deals, solving challenging problems, and celebrating big wins, you’ll love the culture we’re building at TKC. Our goal is to create an environment where you can achieve yours.
  • Competitive Spirit Meets Selfless Attitude
    We love competition, but we’re also each other’s biggest supporters. That’s why we don’t operate in silos: from the brokers to the back office team, we collaborate on a daily basis to create the biggest wins possible for the team.
  • Awesome Team That Brings Out Your Best
    We believe that "A" Players want to be around other "A" Players. At TKC, you will be surrounded by driven people who are investing in your success.
  • Freedom to Tackle Rewarding Challenges
    As a rapidly growing firm, we show up excited to take on the biggest challenges possible every day. We value fresh ideas and those who thrive on the freedom to step up and implement them. If you’d rather be on the field than sitting on the bench, you’ll fit right in.