At TKC, our brokerage team is the heart of what we do. They are the ones who create and foster relationships with our clients, find and facilitate deals, and at the end of the day, push our organization forward. The Jr. Broker position at TKC is a full-time intensive, unpaid-training program and accelerated growth path towards becoming a licensed commercial real estate broker within our firm.

  • Typically, Junior Brokers complete initial training within 6 months and are placed on a brokerage team within 2 years.
  • Compared to other sales positions, Commercial Real Estate sales can be one of the most lucrative.
  • This role is 100% commission based, where the only throttle to your success is you.

Candidates Who Excel in this Role:

  • Thrive in competitive environments
  • Are self-driven and seek autonomy but still enjoy the aspects of working with a team
  • Are relationship oriented
  • Are eager for the ability to create their own future

The Day to Day

  • Earn a real estate license
  • Interact firsthand with clients
  • Learn directly from some of the best brokers in the industry
  • Attend weekly meetings aimed at improving yourself and your trade
  • Take property photos
  • Facilitate property tours
  • Study various markets
  • Put together legal documents
  • Complete all aspects of a proposal
  • Validate CRM information
  • Scan in files, run errands, input data, and a variety of other tasks

What Sets The Kirkland Company Apart
First, we’re willing to do what’s right for each other, our clients, and ourselves – our reputation is more important than the paycheck. We share our time, our knowledge, and our experiences on a daily basis. Second, we’re competitive. Simply put, we love winning (and we’ve got the track record to prove it). This isn’t a normal sales environment; working in our office means being surrounded by people who believe in you and will take the time to help you succeed.

What the Team is Saying
I was looking for a career, not a job. I wanted a career that I had more control in than you would in your typical 9-5. More control of your time, your income, and your location. I wanted a self-regulated job that gets better when you work harder and smarter and worse if you slack off. I also wanted a career where I could learn about something practical. I wanted to do something that requires me to get out and meet people. I wanted more than a desk job.
– Jr. Broker Class of 2020

If you’re looking to create your own path and have a career that sets you up for a lifetime of success working alongside an incredible and passionate team of drivers, this role is for you!