We are looking for a motivated and talented Transaction Coordinator to join our team. The position will support our Sales team, so we are looking for someone who knows how to add value through being proactive, reading between the lines, and keeping our sales team focused on high-payoff activities. The ideal candidate will have a very mature sense of reading different people and situations and be able to respond accordingly. No two transactions are the same, so while we need someone who is process-minded, detailed, and organized, we aren’t looking for a ‘box-checker’ who treats each transaction and each party the same. Additional details on the position and the company are below:

Is This You?

  • Are you willing to take on tedious and challenging tasks whenever necessary for the benefit of the team?
  • Are you always reading, listening to audiobooks, or downloading podcasts?
  • Do you set and follow through on personal and professional goals?
  • Do you set moral boundaries and stick to them no matter the cost?
  • Have you left a track record of success everywhere you’ve gone?

What We Do:

We’re a rapidly growing Nashville/Brentwood based Multifamily Brokerage Firm that’s incredibly unique in the way we work together.

What sets us apart? First, we’re willing to do what’s right for each other, our clients, and ourselves – our reputation is more important than the paycheck. We share our time, our knowledge, and our experiences on a daily basis. Second, we’re competitive. Simply put, we love winning (and we’ve got the track record to prove it). This isn’t a normal sales environment; working in our office means being surrounded by people who believe in you and will take the time to help you succeed.

Why We Do It / Our Purpose:

We sell investments to invest in our people and equip them to invest in others.

How We Do It / Our Values:

How we behave with each other, our clients, our community, and ourselves. Our core values are:

  • Selflessness
  • Disciplined Effort
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Market Knowledge
  • Compete to Win

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Earn a real estate license in necessary states
  • Market Intel – call rent, market, & sales reports, read & distribute relevant articles pertaining to the market
  • Work with insurance and lender contacts to receive insurance and debt quotes as needed
  • Coordinate between in-house teams to collect needed documents, coordinate site visits, and review marketing material
  • Create & follow key-date timelines
  • Communicate key marketing information to clients
  • Schedule property tours
  • Coordinate and request files, financials, and other items with necessary parties
  • Travel to sites to conduct various tours and on-site requirements
  • Put together and collect final closing docs for closed transactions