“The Junior Broker position has given me the opportunity to learn from the top producers in the industry, in a hardworking and competitive environment. The Junior Broker program has taught me a tremendous amount of real estate knowledge and most importantly, the value of hard work. The team camaraderie is another piece of TKC that does not go unnoticed; we have fun at work and outside the office, from Company Golf Tournaments to Fly Fishing trips down the Duck River.”
-Junior Broker, 2020

“I have worked for TKC for several years in all segments of the company. I started as an intern, moved to full-time on the staff, and then moved to brokerage. I have grown professionally and personally at any position I held. No matter your role here at TKC, you are treated like family and encouraged to share your thoughts and new ideas. Each team member at TKC holds themselves to a high standard and is motivated by their team around them. They hold true to their core purpose and lead by example. They focus on you as a person first, equip you with everything you need for success, and encourage you to share that success with others.”

-Junior Broker, 2020

Is This You?

  • Have you competed at a high level – played a varsity or collegiate sport, mastered an instrument, or won awards in your current or previous roles?
  • Are you someone that wants to put your success in your own hands, and would you run through a brick wall if that’s what it took to succeed?
  • Are you incredibly driven to keep your sales pipeline full, even though it means hammering the phones all day every day?
  • Are you willing to take on tedious and challenging tasks whenever necessary for the benefit of the team?
  • Are you always reading, listening to audiobooks, or downloading podcasts?
  • Do you set and follow through on personal and professional goals?
  • Do you set moral boundaries and stick to them no matter the cost?
  • Are you fascinated by people and their stories?
  • Have you left a track record of success everywhere you’ve gone?
  • Have you gone out of your way to expose yourself to the sales world by experimenting with your own business, taking a sales internship, or meeting the most successful salespeople in your personal network?

What We Do:

We’re a rapidly growing Nashville/Brentwood based Multifamily Brokerage Firm that’s incredibly unique in the way we work together.

What sets us apart? First, we’re willing to do what’s right for each other, our clients, and ourselves – our reputation is more important than the paycheck. We share our time, our knowledge, and our experiences on a daily basis. Second, we’re competitive. Simply put, we love winning (and we’ve got the track record to prove it). This isn’t a normal sales environment; working in our office means being surrounded by people who believe in you and will take the time to help you succeed.

At TKC, you can expect to be challenged at an incredible level. Some days you’ll enjoy tremendous success and be on top of the world, while others you’ll feel beat down by a ruthlessly competitive industry. But you’ll always be surrounded by talented team members in an environment engineered to help you flourish.

Why We Do It / Our Purpose:

We sell investments to invest in our people and equip them to invest in others.

How We Do It / Our Values:

How we behave with each other, our clients, our community, and ourselves. Our core values are:

  • Selflessness
  • Disciplined Effort
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Market Knowledge
  • Compete to Win

What You Will Do:

TKC’s Junior Broker Training Program is targeted at individuals who are interested in transitioning into the highly challenging, potentially (but not guaranteed to be) lucrative, and invigorating world of Commercial Real Estate investment sales.

While in the program, Junior Brokers will build their Commercial Real Estate foundation by:

  • Completing a 3rd party sales training program
  • Becoming CCIM certified
  • Earning a real estate license
  • Interacting firsthand with clients
  • Learning directly from some of the best brokers in the industry
  • Attending weekly meetings aimed at improving yourself and your trade
  • Taking property photos
  • Facilitating property tours
  • Studying various markets
  • Putting together legal documents
  • Completing all aspects of a proposal
  • Validating CRM information
  • Scanning in files, running errands, inputting data, and a variety of other tasks

After graduating the program, Junior Brokers will earn the chance to advance into a 100% commission sales position as a full-fledged Commercial Real Estate broker. Candidates who prove their worth will have the chance to realize significant earning potential.

Next Steps:

Excited by what you just read? We’d love to meet you. Go ahead and send that application over; we’re excited to start the conversation!