Market Highlights

Louisville’s multifamily real estate market is characterized by an inventory of 84,631 units completed, 5,373 units under construction, and 6,315 units planned. The recent surge of 2,251 units added over the past 12 months reflects Louisville’s development momentum, and its distinction as one of the top metros for economic development highlights the general growth of the city.

Complementing the market activity are Louisville’s manufacturing and healthcare industries. On top of being named a top city for manufacturing by Forbes, Louisville has recently been the destination of many corporate expansions and relocations, the biggest and most recent of these being UPS’s announcement in late 2022 to construct a 1 million-square-foot facility ($155 million / 315 jobs). UPS, already Louisville’s biggest employer, has nearly 400 flights arriving and departing from UPS Worldport daily. The healthcare industry in Louisville, which has nearly a dozen headquarters operations and 31,000 employees, worked with UPS to lead the world in Covid-19 vaccine distribution during the pandemic. In fact, there is 3 million square feet of medically designated space at UPS Worldport. Furthermore, Louisville is home to 4 out of 10 of Kentucky’s largest hospitals by bed count. The University of Louisville, a Research 1 University and home to the Trager Institute, adds to this pool of healthcare workers.


Multifamily Highlights

Major Employers

  1. United Parcel Service (UPS)

    25,090 Jobs  | Learn More
  2. Norton Healthcare

    13,828 Jobs / 1,993 Beds  | Learn More
  3. Ford Motor Co.

    13,020 Jobs  | Learn More
  4. Humana Inc.

    12,360 Jobs  | Learn More
  5. UofL Health

    12,000 Jobs / 846 Beds  | Learn More
  6. The Kroger Co.

    9,300 Jobs  | Learn More
  7. Baptist Healthcare System Inc.

    7,436 Jobs / 519 Beds  | Learn More
  8. Walmart Inc.

    6,650 Jobs  | Learn More
  9. University of Louisville

    6,000 Jobs / 23,043 Students  | Learn More
  10. GE Appliances

    6,000 Jobs  | Learn More

Other Demand Drivers

  1. Muhammed Ali International Airport

    $10.4 Billion Economic Impact  | Learn More
  2. Tourism in Louisville

    $3.4 Billion Economic Impact  | Learn More
  3. Churchill Downs, Kentucky Derby Week

    $396 Million Economic Impact  | Learn More
  4. Bourbon Industry

    22,500 Jobs, Annual Payroll of $1.23 Billion  | Learn More
  5. KFC Yum! Center

    22,090 Seats  | Learn More